Crafting the Perfect European Ferry-Based Itinerary

With all the cheap ferry options available across Europe, it’s easy to build an entire trip around these budget-friendly modes of transport. Here are a few sample itinerary ideas to get you inspired:

The Great British & Irish Island Hop

Start your journey in England, hopping across the Irish Sea to explore the rugged landscapes of Ireland. From there, take a ferry to the Isle of Man, before continuing on to the Scottish islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Finish up your trip with a crossing back to mainland Scotland or England.

Scandinavian Fjord Cruise

Kick things off with a ferry from Denmark or Germany to the southern tip of Sweden. From there, work your way up the Norwegian coast, taking in the stunning fjord scenery via a series of ferry connections between coastal towns and islands. End your journey in the Arctic north or loop back down through Finland.

Mediterranean Island Escape

Fly into Spain, Italy, or Greece, then start hopping between the sun-drenched islands of the Mediterranean. Ferries connect the Balearics, Sicily, the Greek Islands, and more, allowing you to experience a diverse range of cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.

Baltics to Benelux

Begin your journey in the Baltics, taking ferries between Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. From there, head west across the Baltic Sea to Poland, Germany, or Sweden, then continue your trek through Northern Europe, using ferries to traverse the North and Baltic Seas as you make your way to the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond.

No matter which regions of Europe you want to explore, incorporating cheap ferry travel into your plans can open up a world of possibilities. Just be sure to do your research, compare options, and book early to lock in the best deals.


Author: timothy